EZRENTL Services is a professional home finding service for tenants and Relocation Companies.

Do you need assistance finding your next home to rent?  Not sure you need this service?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a limited amount of time to find a great place to live?
  • Will I have enough time to search & inspect all these properties?
  • Have I missed out on great rentals due to lack of time?
  • Am I spending all my valuable evenings and weekends searching & not finding?
  • What is the most suitable area for my family?
  • What are the schools, shopping and lifestyles like in the area?
  • Relocating from interstate or overseas and no clue as to where you want to live?
  • Where are all the good rentals?
  • What is my time worth?
  • Can I save money using this service?

Whether you’re coming to San Diego County for the first time, would prefer to leave it to professionals or simply time poor EZRENTL Service can relocate you into the best rental possible.

How can you save money by using EZRENTAL Services?

We save you time by doing the searching, phone calls and appointments for you.  We’re on your clock and can view properties when it’s convenient to owners or property managers;

We save you money by eliminating driving from property to property that don’t truly meet your criteria;

Plus we negotiate rent and services too.

What we do

  • Obtain your criteria & interview you.  This gives us the basics and a lifestyle foundation.
  • Search extensively according to your criteria and taste.
  • Present you with a selection of suitable properties.
  • Work with you to create a “must see list” from the suitable properties chosen.
  • Inspect the properties on your behalf, together with you or set up appointments for you.
  • Provide a report including a web album on the property (we do this to ensure that you don’t waste valuable time viewing properties that are inaccurately displayed online).
  • Assist you in the decision making process.
  • Assist you with the application and negotiate with the Agent or Owner on your behalf.
  • Discuss any additional services required.


EZRENTL Services basic package starts at $450 and includes up to six (6) hours of our time, travel and other costs.  Our experience tells us that within this time we would be able to:

  • Search and research properties
  • Assist you with your list
  • Inspect up to 5 properties personally based on above steps
  • Report upon each in detail including non-bias digital photos of each room along with the property’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Arrange three (3) inspections with the agents and then assist you in the application process

The more variables that are involved in our search, the greater amount of time will be required to find your next home.

The little Extras

An Extra Care Supplement may be added our service.  Some of our clients require extra attention and need to find a property which will cater to special requirements such as pets, medical or handicap issues, large families, etc.  Talk with your Rental Agent for more details.

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