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Moving Process

Moving? Let’s start by making your transition as easy as possible. It’s always best to review your lease agreement and verify your lease end date. Get started by completing the Notice of Intent to Vacate below, submitting no later than 30 days prior to your lease end date. Note if received after hours it will be posted the following business day. Follow each step below to have a smooth transition.

Step 1

Your lease requires you to provide us with a 30 day written notice of your intent to vacate please provide information on the Notice of Intent to Vacate below. If your move out date is after your lease date, you will be billed at the month to month rental rate for any days up to and including your move out date. This is typically current market rate plus 20%, contact your property manager for exact pricing.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • A complete forwarding address is necessary to ensure your security deposit refund (if applicable) is delivered to you in a timely manner. If you do not provide a forwarding address your security deposit will be sent to the leased property for forwarding as required by law.

Step 2

Click here to print up the Move Out Cleaning Check List and Instructions. Contact our office 10 days prior to your move out date if you wish to have us coordinate with our preferred vendors and pay through your security deposit. Please note that we cannot pay through security deposit if you currently have a balance on your account.

Step 3

Right to Pre-move Out Inspection: Once you’ve provided your Notice of Intent to Vacate you will be contacted by our office with official notice of right to a pre-move out inspection. If you do not respond we will assume you do not wish to exercise this right per your lease agreement. If you choose to have a representative come to do a pre-move out inspection you will be provided a guestimation of cost for cleaning and a list of repairs that need to be addressed. Of course this does not include damage that was not there during the walk through, not visible due to being blocked by furnishings or boxes or additional cleaning due to new messes. Please refer to the move out cleaning check list and instructions for best results.

Step 4

Don’t forget to: Transfer utilities and services for end of lease. Utilities are to be kept on until the end of your lease term, if additional charges are incurred to reestablish service those fees may be passed on to you.

Change of address: Make sure we have your forwarding address to expedite security deposit refund (if any) to our office. Remove satellite dish, wires and patch any holes associated with this service. You will be charged $250 to remove

Step 5

Make arrangements for delivery of keys, remotes, parking passes, common area keys etc. We DO NOT meet you at the property for a final walk through inspection. Delivery must be on the lease terminate date or date you provided no later than 5:00PM. You may be charged additional rent for the day(s) until the keys have been brought to our office. Holidays and Weekends need to be taken into consideration. We are unable to collect keys on Christmas or other National Holidays. Thank you for understanding. Note: If cleaning, items are abandoned or other arrangements have not been made for your move out 5th Avenue may hire as necessary to bring the property to move in condition for the next resident.